Energy Intensive Industrial Processes

Energy Intensive Industrial Processes includes the original IOF industry sectors (Aluminum, Steel, Glass, Chemicals/Polymers, Wood/Forest Products, and Metal Casting) where energy represents a significant cost of manufacturing. These manufacturers can improve their competitiveness by reducing energy intensity through the adoption of energy efficiency innovations, technologies and practices. IOF-WV works with the WVU Industrial Assessment Center on delivery of best practices, including Superior Energy Performance Certification, to state and regional companies.

Example research projects

  • Plant-Wide Energy Efficiency Assessment at Pechiney in Ravenswood WV
  • Intelligent Potroom Operation
  • Live Improvement of Pot Hardware in Continuous Hot Dipping Processes
  • Enhanced Cutting and Finishing of Handglass using a CO2 Laser
  • U.S. DOE Industrial Technologies Program – Technology Delivery Plant-Wide Assessment at PPG Industries, Natrium, WV
  • Energy Efficient Processes for Making Tackifier Dispersions used to Make Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Plant-wide Energy Efficiency Assessment at the New Martinsville, WV Bayer Plant


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