Center for Building Energy Use

  WVU Center for Building Energy Use (CBEU)

The Division of Energy, through the WVU Center for Building Energy Use (CBEU), provides the Saving Energy in Public Schools Program to assist county schools in reducing their energy costs. The program was established in response to our 2006 statewide benchmarking seminar series for county maintenance and finance directors. It provides assistance through the establishment and analysis of an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accounts for participating school systems of their facilities. The CBEU team then provides a presentation of its Portfolio Manager finding to the county superintendent. The analysis provides the Portfolio Manager building scores for all school facilities. During the second semester of the project, the school system can request, based on the Portfolio Manager report, on-site energy assessments for two schools. These assessments are conducted by senior mechanical engineering students as part of their course assignment. Those findings are then presented to the school system decision-makers for their information and use in reducing energy costs.

To date the CBEU has performed evaluations of about 12 school systems. In addition, through the Portfolio Manager activity, it has assisted several counties and higher education organizations in getting ENERGY STAR Building recognition. The CBEU also provides workshops on benchmarking and energy efficiency opportunities for schools.

Contact: Ken Means,  P.h.D, Mechanincal & Aerospace Professor, WVU Statler College of Engineering, (304) 293-3141