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2016 National Symposium on Market Transformation

2016 National Symposium on Market Transformation

March 20-22, 2016
Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, MD

Market transformation is defined as ‘strategic interventions that attempt to cause lasting changes in the structure or function of a market, or the behavior of market participants, resulting in an increase in the adoption of energy efficient products, services, or practices’.

The National Symposium on Market Transformation (MT Symposium) is the premier spring event dedicated to energy efficiency.

ACEEE Summer Study Presentation:

ACEEE Summer Study Presentation: SEN Regional Partnership – Advancing Energy Productivity through Government, Industrial and University Collaboration

by Kathleen Cullen, Niagara Falls, NY, July 19, 2011

Goal: Improve energy efficiency, environmental performance, and industrial competitiveness through education and extensive dissemination of energy efficiency technologies and operating best practices in a six state region of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia